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He Knows Something's Up....

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For the past couple of weeks we've been packing up for our annual cruise - we are VERY late in leaving this year. Huck has become very whiney and I can't even change positions on the couch without him jumping to attention. He's dropped off on his eating and even turned down a pig ear last night!! I'm sure he knows we're about to be afloat (or at least leaving) and wants to make sure he doesn't get left behind. It looks like we'll be leaving Grace home this year and just taking Huck. That will be difficult at first cuz' neither of them want to eat when the other isn't with them. I'm sure they'll both come around when they get hungry enough (or when we put gravy in their food :roll: ). It's amazing how they just know when something is going on.
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Lynne, I'm so glad you're taking Huck. I know he would pine away for you, if you didn't, and I also know you would couldn't handle being away from him for so long. You would NOT enjoy yourself, even though he's extra work.
Think of me landlocked on the prairies, as you're sailing the seven seas...

Sandy :D
I hope you have a great trip this summer! I am so glad you decided to take Huck with you. I was willing to bet that if you left him home you'd find some way to get him to wherever you were in a couple of weeks. This will save all that effort.

Do you go to the same place every year or do you go where the winds and your whims take you?

Happy Sailing

Chris, slave to Elvis, Georgia, Ginger & Maggie
Chris - we generally have a ballpark idea of where we're headed but the great thing about doing this is that we can always change it if we feel like it. This year we'll most likely be around northern coastal British Columbia and possibly SE Alaska. Lots of crabbing, fishing and beautiful spots to drop the hook. We like to find little places, put out the anchor and then stay a few days and then move on. But then again, if we don't feel like moving for several days, there's never anyone to tell us we have to hurry anywhere else. This past few months has been very hard on us for a variety of reasons and we are so looking forward to some peace, quiet, reading (we both average about 20+ books a summer), coctails and sunsets. Yahoo!!
Jacques our old basset hated to see luggage. He once was found in his old master's bag, curled up hoping he would be able to come along. He was always happy to help unpack luggage, especially if we had been somewhere that had bonios.

We have a cabin/house in the Queen Charlottes and there is always great crabbing and fishing up there.

I am trying to figure out if we can get Ernest up there this summer, but probably won't happen until next year.

Your summer vacation sounds like pure heaven to me. I recently got away for 6 days and spent them in a hammock on the beach watching the world go by. No houndies, though.

3 out of 4 of my houndies will do anything to get away from water. I think of them on a boat and laugh myself silly. Maggie would be a great sailor, though.

Huck is one LUCKY hound.

Chris, slave to Elvis, Georgia, Ginger & Maggie
Lynne, your summers sound absolutely wonderful and you've posted the pictures in the past to prove it! Have a wonderful trip this year.

In June my "horse" group is going to Otter Creek, NY. We'll have eight humans, six horses, plus Harley Chick and Fred. A week of riding and good times with friends (2 and 4 legged). The hounds love "fresh from the oven" horse manure.

My husband and I booked a windjammer cruise for September. It's the same schooner that we honeymooned on two years ago in Maine.

Bon voyage Lynne & Huck!

Sounds like you'll have a wonderful vacation!
Give me a call if you pop by on your way.
Enjoy your wonderful vacation!
I'm glad you're taking Huck. It would be lonesome for US to hear about your adventures without him with you.

I envy your time away to do whatever you want.

Enjoy every minute and send lots of pics!

:D :D :D
Oh, it sounds like you'll have a great adventure! I hope you have a peaceful, happy trip and we'll be thinking of you!!!
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