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it's so wonderful you took her in and took care of her! It's so sad she had to go through anything bad. : (
That was my suggestion, was to have your husband feed her. I rescued a dog once (a chihuahua itialian greyhound mix) who was terrified of men. He now lives happily with my mom and dad, and loves my dad to bits.
So, it will come with time.
Try to have him lie down and play with her, as well as even lie down to give her treats. Sometimes it's the tall bigness of men that also scare them. Also, it will seem to her like he's submitting...which i wouldn't normally suggest a dog to think that of a human, but if she's terrified of him she needs to feel a bit more brave.
Everytime he calls her or says her name or talks to her, he should reward her for not being scared.
It will take time, but she'll be okay! Awww poor lil girl!
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