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Have you ever had this strange feeling of beeing watched....

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...while eating peanuts?

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Steinar: How can you resist a face like that!! Poor baby!! She only wants some peanuts!
Here's Emma's twin Ruby begging for tortilla chips. This was her coy look:

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What a sweetie :) Steiner- What happened to the Doris on your sign in name?
That's the popcorn face at our house. :D
Sorry, Emma has her own account here - "Emma and me".
Me thinks this is a Basset's subtle look telling you that

"You are being STINGY with the peanuts!"
I'm being watched no matter WHAT I eat, but Steinar, you really should have shared! Can't you see she's STARVING? :lol:

Oh, Emma you have that pleading look down pat. What a face.
Popcorn has the same effect on Bogie. He was rather peeved here because I was eating and he wasn't.

Aroooos from Bogie!
You don't own a Basset, a Basset owns you!!
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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