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As many of you know my Benny passed away on March 14th from Cancer. He was a young, happy spirited 9 year old guy. The 2 things that I have really noticed about Benny's little sister (a 7 year old Basset with the same dad) is that Daisy began to mourn him the minute we took him to the vet that day. Any other time, she would pace from room to room and wait by the door for his return, but not this time. She knew exactly what was going on. Also this is going to sound strange too, but she had started peeing in the house about 6 months ago. We had her checked and she was fine. It could be a beautiful day and I would have the back door open and she would be laying on the steps to go upstairs. Instead of coming down and going out, she would go up and pee in the bedroom. She ruined every rug I had downstairs, then she started peeing on the ceramic tile by the front door so we would see it as soon as we got home or as soon as we came down in the morning. (almost doing it right in front of us). Although she would do it more often in the middle of the night or while we were at work. Here is the weird part, she has not done that one single time since Benny's passing. She knew what she was doing was wrong, but I have to wonder if that was her way of letting us know that something was wrong with HIM. Is that too far fetched?? She definitely knew he was dying but how far in advance did she know that he was sick and was she trying to tell us that he was sick?? I have always heard that dogs can smell cancer and I would think our hounds are very acute to sniffing out that type of thing. Maybe we can all learn from her weird behavior. So if you have a hound that just starts "misbehaving", maybe you should check the other dogs for illness. Just a thought. Has anyone had this experience?? Bev
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