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I just wanted to say your approach sounds great. Holistic medicine as an alternative makes perfect sense if you are not getting results with traditional medicine. I also wanted to say SORRY , because in reading back over the threads regarding Non-Medicalized Bassets, I realize that I did raise the hot button when I used the "R" word. (Responsible) :oops: As a new member, I definitely don't want to cause any squelching of discussions that are beneficial to us all. Sorry if it came out wrong--I will pick my words more carefully. If my dog was not responding to traditional methods, and I thought holistic would help, I'd be exploring that as well. My strong feelings regarding the vaccinations are just associated with my love for children and animals, and my desire to put up all the defenses that I can on their behalf. I suppose if early medicinal measures were all that ineffective, mankind would never have made it this far. :)
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