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Today, April 30th, is our Twinkie's one-year gotcha day. We adopted Ms. Twinkie, a beagle/basset mix, from BREW last year. My husband and I bought a pet store puppy when we first got married, in 1976, who lived to 14. When Peaches passed, with work commitments and busy lives, we went pup-less for 15 years. My husband became disabled a couple of years ago and we decided we could again commit to a dog. I spotted Twinkie on BREW Midwest's webpage and when we met her at her fosters' home, she went right to my husband and it was truly love at first sight. She has given us so much joy and made Mike's lonely daytime life (when I'm at work) so much brighter. A very sweet dog, she quickly stole both our hearts, but she's truly her daddy's girl. Our Twinkie: a clown, a flirt, a companion, a friend. Thanks to everyone so involved and so active in rescue! You prove every day, even with the difficulties and all the heartbreaking stories, what a wonderful undertaking it is.
Happy Gotcha day, Twink! (Yes, there will be treats.)

Mum & Dad (Mike and Janet Kapanowski)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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