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I grew up with a boxer. They are energetic, smart, and mischievous, but wonderful. Boxers are notorious for eating things they're not supposed to. Ours ate an entire glass bowl. Their name comes from their fighting style where they tend to get up on their hind legs (or at least that's what I've heard) and true to the name they jump a lot if not corrected early. At full size they can knock down a kid so it's important to correct that early on.

Boxers love to run and play. Ours kept up with us until he got arthritis at age 10 or so which eventually led to us having to put him down when he could no longer lay down or get back up. That dog is the best friend I ever had though. We got him at 6 months when I was 5 or 6 years old and he lived until I was a teenager so I grew up with him literally.

He was the most loyal dog I've ever had. I was walking him once with a friend when I was about 11 years old and a stray dog tried to attack me and he defended me so that I could run home and get help. He did not move until the dog lunged at me. Honestly he is the reason I am so passionate about dogs as an adult. RIP Basil
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