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Happy Birthday to White Dynamit's Doris Daim!

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Doris is 8 years old today - 24th of June!
Soffi would have been 8 too, of course.

Have you ever seen such a happy face?

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Happy Birthday Doris!!!
Try to calm your emotions before eating the cake -- we wouldn't want you to have indigestion :wink:
Steinar, I copied the photo of Doris and have it hanging on my desk at work and it's brought a smile to everyone's face. I work in a hospital so smiles are important.
Doris is simply too elegant and refined to show excitement like a common hound would. :lol: Give her a big kiss from me and George!
Thank you so much for all greetings,
Doris will be celebrating today with
Emma - since it's her birthday now!
belated happy birthday Doris from Wales
Belated Birthday Wishes to Doris!!!
Happy Happy Birthday!!! Aroooooo
Happy Birthday Doris. You are aging like fine wine. Better and Better with each year. May this year be a HEALTHY and HAPPY one for you. Sorry I'm so late with this. I guess these are belated greetings now.

Susan and Wilson
21 - 30 of 30 Posts
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