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Happy Birthday Lily

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Today is Lily's 2nd birthday. (Well we don't know the exact date so since we've had her we've always celebrated it on the same day as my fiance's birthday). She is going to enjoy a frosty paw, next year I want to plan better and get her a cake or something.

Here she is:

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Happy second birthday Lily! Have fun- hey, how about TWO frosty paws!! :p !
Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Lily didn't know it any different from any other day. I can't believe she's only 2, but then she gets pestering her brother and her young age shines through.

Happy Birthday Lily! (love the picture - she is gorgeous)

(What's a "frosty paw" :huh: )

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Happy Birthday lovely Lily!!!Copper says what a great pic.

Frosty Paws are ice-cream for dogs.
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