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Dang! I gotta tell Mike. We'll have 31 years next May. I gotta start indoctrinating him now! Wooo-hooo, I'm gonna get a new basset next year! :wink:

Janet 'n Twinkie

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Hmmm, now is a basset hound considered a traditional or contemporary gift? :roll:

He is a beautiful basset! I'll bet you are counting the minutes till Saturday! Congrats!


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Oooh, lucky girl! That's a lovely dog, and congrats on making 31 years! :D Hope I'm so lucky! (the long relationship AND the dog! LOL)

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I want....

a basset ASWELL!!!

we are getting a pup late in this year - well thats my plan - still have to do some convincing on the Husband!!! hee hee....thinking of calling him Morris...

Happy Anniversary and have tons of fun with your new baby!!!

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I just have to say, don't get the wrong idea about my husband. He's a macho, non-sentimental, stubborn old cowboy/cattle buyer. :D

But he really suprised me yesterday. He said, in his usual gruff, irritated voice: " OK, I'll tell you what, I'll get you the dog, and pay for his flight. That'll be your anniversary present. But don't expect any flowers too."

Doesn't he just ooooze charm??? I think he just didn't know what else to get me. :D

But then he wrote me a POEM! (where did THAT come from??) It was really funny, all about my obsession with bassets, and my little shovel I use for poop patrol.

Steinar, 31 hard years is pretty accurate. :D


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Here's my husbands Poem he wrote to me on our anniversary:

I bought you a gift on this special day
I hope it brings pleasure in so many ways

a dog of high standard, he is quite a hound
He looks quite solid, built low to the ground

His mane is Moose, and he's from far away
He'll soon be yours, and with us he'll stay

Now Bo will be happy, a brother a friend
they'll play together until the days end

Bo and Moose, the names of your hounds
In our back yard they will run around

Out in our yard, the things they will do...
So be quick with your shovel, and pick up the Poo!

From out of the Province Old Moose will arrive
hope the flight doesn't scare him, and he'll survive

Now once again your family's complete
two basset hounds with 8 paws for feet

Two dogs to cuddle and lay in your bed
They'll take up the space where I lay my head

The house they will make their doggie domain
They'll run in and out again and again

The pleasure they bring you, I hope it stays fast
For a basset hound lover, this might be the last

I hope this gift and this poem will bighten your way
and congratulations on this special day

Love, Keith


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Sandy - where did you find him and are there any more? :lol: If there aren't, can I borrow him? I'm sooooo jealous! Bo - Moose AND a hubby who writes beautiful poems. I think I'd be in 7th heaven!!
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