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Happy 12th Birthday Spencer!

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My boy turned 12 today, and I thought I'd share some pictures. "Cousin" Angel didn't get to visit as planned - it's been rainy/stormy yesterday & today & not suitable for play in the yard. Spencer will have plenty of play time with Angel though, as she is coming on Thursday to stay with us for 10 days while her humans go on vacation. Anyway, some pictures of Spencer's special day:

Let's get this party started!

He'll be eating meatballs for many days:

Enjoying those meatballs:

What the heck?? (The lady across the street always gives Spencer either cantaloupe, watermelon or carrots every night when we walk. She's leaving on a month long vacation, so Spencer got a whole cantaloupe for his birthday.)

Enjoying a chewy: Spencer hasn't had a chewy in years. I stopped giving them because he & Sadie used to fight over them. The vet recommended them recently to help clean his teeth, but I don't think Spencer is quite sure about it. He's been carrying it around the house, laying it down & staring at it.
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Happy Birthday Spencer! Such a handsome boy! Great Photos! He must be loving all those meatballs! I see our boys share the same birthday! :D I love Spencer's birthday hat!
Happy Birthday Spencer! I love his Bday hat!! Spencer is so great! Glad he was super spoiled today!
Happy Birthday Spencer!

Happy Birthday!!!!! Those photos brought a smile to my face!
Happy birthday Spencer! I can see it was a great day!


These pictures are great, it looks like he had a GREAT BIRTHDAY!
Boy, those meatballs look good.... Hope Spencer enjoys them--he's mighty cute.
Happy Birthday! Always glad to see photos of Spencer. He's a fine looking hound. We hope he has many more birthdays to come. The meatballs looked great, hope he enjoyed them.
Happy Birthday, Spencer. Oh that sweet little grey face is so adorable!
Happy birthday, Spencer!! You are such a handsome older guy!!! I hope Bogie Carter ages as well as you have!!
Happy Birthday Spenser! I love your hat and Ruby is now very jealous that you get meatballs!

Janice and little Ruby
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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