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Hair Loss

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Shyla has three spots where she has not hair. I took her to the vet and he gave me a cortisone/antibacterial ointment to put on them. They did a skin scrape and all they told me that it was not mange and must be an allergy. She can reach two of them which results in her chewing at them. The rest of her coat is beautiful and soft and shiny. It is bothering me because everyone looks at her like she has some disease. I have not changed food or anything else so I am feeling that it is possibly not allergies. Maybe ringworm? Anybody with experience with this? She is so great and I hate for her to look like this.
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My 4 month old bassett hound puppy has been losing hair on both of his ears. We can see his skin!

The vet said it is normal for this breed but i don't believe her!

They did a skin scrape and everything appeared normal.

We will be taking Bernie to a different vet on Tuesday for a second opinion.

Has anyone else had any similar experiences?

Hi there! Our baby Basset Hound is coming up on 4 months old and I have noticed the hair on his ears and top of his head are thinning. He has had some sinus congestion this past week and so he has been on antibacterial, so was wondering if this could have caused the hair loss. But I have also heard that puppies can shed their baby coat to grow in their fuller and thicker adult coat. I am hoping that is what is going on, and I will bring this up at his next Vet checkup in 3 days. It sounds like our pups are super close in age, so maybe it is normal? Im hoping so for us all❤
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