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Hair growing in eye?

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Got a call from one of my puppy people, they had him checked becuase his eye was bothering him. The vet says that he has a hair growing in the tissue inside the corner of his eye. Not a turned in eyelid (entropion). Not a hair fragment embedded in the tissue (my thought, since I work in a grooming shop and the pups spend a lot of time there). The vet is talking eventual surgical removal.

Has anyone else heard of such a thing?
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I recall my mentor in bassets telling me about a basset that someone had with a hair growing out of its eyeball but have forgotten the details. I'll ask her when I talk to her. I'd call her now but the Red Sox/Yankees game is due to start soon and I know she's watching her Yankees.
Sounds like a possible choristoma/dermoid, which is a lesion consisting of normal tissue, like skin components, including hair, growing in an atypical location, like the eye. These are suspected of being inherited in Dachshunds, Dalmatians, and Saint Bernards. ACVO currently classifies these as "Breeder Option", meaning that the entity is suspected to be inherited but does not represent potential compromise of vision or other function.

From Conditions of the Eyelids and Ocular Adnexae in Dogs and Cats (David T. Ramsey, DVM)
  Dermoid.  A dermoid is a choristoma (normal tissue in an abnormal location).  Dermoids may be present on the eyelid (Figure 3) but most frequently they are located on the lateral conjunctiva or cornea.  Treatment requires surgical excision and is curative.
OK, can I just share my completely visceral reaction to the visual I get of this? EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! :lol:

OK, I feel better now. Poor pup, though!
Thanks! I'll pass it on.
Oh, rats, I was hoping I could beat Betsy to answering this one...

I actually have a bitch with a dermoid in the eye, and she has several hairs in the dermoid - although "growing" would be a misnomer, as they have not lengthened, as far as I can tell, in her 11 years.

Her dermoid covers most of one eye. Surgery was not a good option for her because of the extent of her dermoid. The veterinary opthamologist we consulted felt that she could not offer a great hope of improved function in the eye, and that indeed since her dermoid doesn't seem to irritate the eye, that the risk of scar tissue being more uncomfortable was not worth taking....

And yes, over the years, she's had a lot of "ewww" reactions, especially from kids...

The dermoid did, I would note, grow somewhat over the course of her life. Apparently, as a little pup, it covered a smaller part of the eye. By the time we got her at a year, it covered about a third of the eye. Now I would say it's more like half....

So perhaps investigating earlier, rather than later, surgery might be warranted.

Sylvie McGee
Olympia WA
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Is hers right on the eye? The puppy's is in the tissue in the corner of the eye, not on the eye itself.
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