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I thought this should be a fun project to do since I have a tons of material from my little Gus.
I am making an illustrated diary of a little Basset Hound named Gustav Klimt (who is not so little anymore even though, technically, he is still a puppy).
Everything will be from the perspective of the little tyke.

and you guys get the first preview of the sketch :)
and the blog will be in here (right now it still empty):
Silly Little Gustav

The diary should hopefully help people understand a bit about what they should expect when having a basset as a new addition of the family.

Onward to the preliminary sketch:
Dog Basset hound Canidae Dog breed Nose

and, of course, the little man himself:
Dog Mammal Vertebrate Canidae Dog breed

Hope you guys like it!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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