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Guess who is 10 years old?

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You guessed it! It's (THE) RUBY!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday my baby-head! Mommy and daddy love you sooo much!

Janice and little Ruby


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She is absolutely beautiful and has aged wonderfully! Happy Birthday Ruby!
Happy Birthday Ms Ruby. You look great!!!

Shami & Laci
Yeah Ruby!!!!
Happy birthday, hope you're spoiled rotten today! (i'm sure you will be)
Louie sends some birthday drool and a big "aroooooooo"
Happy birthday to the very regal Ms. Ruby!

Happy Birthday, pretty girl! :)
Happy Birthday to yo-o-o. Happy Birthday to y-o-o-o. Happy Birthday little Ruby, Happy Birthday to you!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUBY!!! You sure make a very beautiful 10-year-old!
I hope you had the best birthday ever.
:D Happy Birthday RUBY!!!!!!! You are a beautiful "young" lady. :D
:D Happy Birthday Ruby :D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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