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He was whining at me while I was eating my corn on the cob. I gave up and put it low for him to smell. He started eating it, not like a bone but with his front teeth just like we humans do! LOL! It was hysterical. I only let him have a little, because I have no idea if it was bad for him, but I couldn't believe that he figured out how to get the corn off!

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Maggie Mae use to share corn on the cob with me and an apple. I would start on on side and she on the other. It was too funny!!!!

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That's a flashback to childhood. Our very first dog, Ginger, a small dog mutt,
would eat corn on the cob just like a person, nibling with her front teeth. It was a funny sight to see. :)
Some years later after Ginger was ATB, my dad brought home a Cocker Spaniel from the shelter. I named him Willie, he was the most stubborn thing this side of Bassetdom.
First summer we had him, my dad wanted to see if Willie would eat corn on the cob like that. Willie ate it alright, the whole thing, corn, cob, and stem!

We all suffered mightily through the next 24 hours of Willie with the runs... YUCK!

I will not try corn on the cob with my Bassets!
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