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Growth Charts...

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Hello all been a long time since I have posted....Dallas is going to be six months this month....and I have a question.
Does anyone have some sort of "growth chart", I know it will be very generalized...but just curious if any of you have something that maps out at a certain age, the general height/weight a basset is "expected" to be??

Any help would be appreciated!!

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Not really because there is such extreme variation in basset size. Some pet dogs can max out at 35-40 lbs, while others can go 100 (yes, I have heard of 100 lb bassets).

As long as he is healthy I wouldn't worry too much about weight/size.
As long as he is healthy I wouldn't worry too much about weight/size.[/b]
The Purina Body Condition Chart is one way of accurately detrimining a dogs ideal weight.

Body Condition Chart

Most bassets are over weight. In studies owners even with charts then to undervalue the overweightness of their dogs when compare to the same evaulation by experts by a large margin, Keep in mind it is far better to be a bit under weight than a bit overwieght to. Ideal is between 4-5 on the body Condition Chart.
This is an impossible task - they vary too much in size,
a fullsize will weight between 40 lbs to 40 kg.
Maybe you could compare to his parents?
I think it's difficult to overfeed a puppy, the problem
starts when he's slowing down....

<span style="color:#009900">The one that drools rules, :p
Steinar - daddy and foodslave to Emma and Doris!</span>
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I don't know if this will help,but when we got Rupert at 6 months he weighed 32 pounds and is now two and weighs 45 pounds.He was thin when we got him and is now about right.
Turbo is a year old, she weighs 38lbs, she was also the runt of the litter, her mom was 45lbs and dad was 60lbs. So I say she has a little more to grow. But I would say definatley looking at the parents gives you a rough idea
Beldin is almost 70 pounds and (as the vet says) "Couldn't be more perfect" as far as weight goes ... the hound is practically solid muscle and in excellent condition.

Mocha is just shy of 65 pounds and is considered a bit "overweight". She's not as muscular as Beldin and also not as active (she eats less than he does and she comes on the same walks but at home she doen't run as much in the yard, etc) also she "metabolizes" different (from what I've been told).

Both hounds are from the same litter and turned 2yrs old November 2006. Beldin was the 7th of ten pups and Mocha was the 10th and the "runt".

Both hounds have also been spayed/neutered (don't know if that has anything to do with their weight).

And they both eat the same brand of food.

I'm not sure how much a generalized chart would have helped, though ... seems bassets are as individualistic as snowflakes!

As long as the hounds are happy, healthy, and active ... and my vet smiles when giving me his "diagnosis" then all is well. ;)
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