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Hello all, I have not posted in like a year, but I check in every now and then....
My Basset (Dallas) was 1 year on October 13th.

Recently he has begun to get almost "aggessive" towards me.
A couple of weeks ago, I let him out in the middle of the night, and as I was following him back into the bedroom, he went to chase the cat, I gave him a little push in the rump to get him to keep moving and he turned around and lunged at me, and growled. I let him know I was not going to accept that, told him "NO" in a stern voice, and continued to walk to the bedroom. He did not follow me. So I went to the door, instructed him to bed, and he came over to me, and rolled on his back, as if he knew he had done wrong. End of story.

This morning, we went through our morning ritual, let him out for the last time before I put him in his kennel...but instead of him heading straight to the basement to his kennel (like always), he decided to take off into the living room. I went in to get him, and he was laying on his back (like he always does when he doesnt want to do something). So I grabbed his collar to get him on his feet, and he bared his teeth and growled at me. Scared me a I continued to use a stern voice instructing him to "kennel". He looked at me...gave me warning growls. I got him to move, he ran around the table, jumped on the sofa and was lunging at me. Barking the whole time.
Finally I went to the closet, got his leash, he was excited then...put it on him and got him downstairs that way. End of story.

I have a new boyfriend, and when he comes over, Dallas HATES that we sit together on the sofa or anything physical. He will sit and stare at him, and grumble the whole time. I would not call it a growl, its not that aggressive, but its almost like he lets him know he is NOT HAPPY that he is sitting with me.

Another thing he constantly does, is whenever I am lying on the sofa, he will bark and bark and bark becuase I am doing this. I try to get him to lie down with me on the sofa...but if he cant be in my face, he doesnt want to be there. I dont allow him up in my face. So he will bark for 20 minutes sometimes. I ignore him when he does this, but it DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!

I am beginning to get irritated, frustrated and worried about all of this. Any advice would be appreicated.

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Hello all, I have not posted in like a year, but I check in every now and then....
My Basset (Dallas) was 1 year on October 13th.

Recently he has begun to get almost "aggessive" towards me.[/b]
Somethings to consider

1. Was the dog acting agressively or defending itself from an aggressive attack given that the dogs behavior all occured after being physically manipulated. Pushing back when some one pushes you is a normal and expected behavior.

2. Does the dog even know what is expected. In most case human make this critcal mistake when trying to train dogs. We focus on the negative. No jumping up for instance, instead of focusing on what we want to do. like sit quitly. When you focus on a desired behaviour you are more focused and likely to reward that behaviour which increases the odd, Focusing on what you do not want and trying to end it by punshment or ignoring is often counter productive, that is even on the rare cases they work and lessen that behavior there is a big vacuum left for an equal or even more obnxious behavior to take its place, Often what we thing is punishment is not, rather than reducing the likely of a behavior it actual increases it. This is because much of the obnoxious behaviour are a sure fire way to get our attention which the dog was seeking, engage with the dog even is a :so called correction or punishment rewards the dog seeking attention there are other reasons as well see
Jack Palance vs. Fred Astaire
Punishment: How not to do it.
When to say "NO!" -- literally

3. those that believe in pack order will say that the dog views himself as alpha and is seek control over you and your boy freind. There is actual little eveidence in support of pack heirarchy and that the does exist is either contrary to the theory or better explained by other theories. That said dogs do what work for them. To train a dog you need to make it in their best interest to do what you want them to do

Hard to Train?
Why Not Take Candy from a Baby (If He Lets You?)

4. dog will not blindly follow you, you must prove and demonstrate that you are a Leader deseriving respect. Keep in mind how much respect did you have for a boss that physical pushes you around and demand you do what he wants through physical threats?




I have deliberately avoid specifical dealing with the precieved agreesion itself because without context of the entire dog/human relationship such is not really possible, It is why behavioris insist on home visits and the like. So the best chance of success comes from an individual consultation with someone that specialize in animal behavior. your vet should be able to make recommendations.

other resourses

Aggressive Behavior in Dogs Group
"Here in the Aggressive Behaviors in Dogs group, with 600+ experienced dog trainers from around the world, we discuss how to modify the behavior of dogs that sometimes exhibit aggressive behaviors toward dogs and/or toward people. Oftentimes aggressive behaviors arise from dogs' fears or anxieties. Harsh training and physical punishments may make the problems worse. Instead, we teach people how to reduce tensions, so as not to exacerbate the problems. Trainers and dog-behavior consultants give suggestions for safe home management and on using positive-reinforcement for teaching new skills. Only "dog-friendly" recommendations are permitted. No physical punishment-based methods are advocated here. In addition, detailed information is provided about desensitization and counter conditioning. "

Pet Fax
"PETFAX is a remote consulting service for the Tufts Behavior Clinic. People from all over the country and the world have used PETFAX to solve pet behavioral problems such as: anxiety, fear, aggression, compulsive disorders and inappropriate elimination to name a few."
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