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Great book

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I'm reading a great book that some of you might be interested in: Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin. For those of you not familiar with Temple, she's VERY high-functioning autistic (Oliver Sacks "studied" her because she is so high functioning). She's an animal behaviorist, and her autism actually helps her understand why animals do some of the things they do. She's a fascinating person. This book is about behavior in all kinds of animals, not just dogs, and it's certainly not a how-to manual for dog owners. But it helps explain a lot of behaviors in dogs that people often bring up on this board. It's not an easy read! But I think it's well worth the effort.--Allison (who has no financial interest in the success of this book, unfortunately)
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Thanks, I'll put it on my list. SHe's been interviewed a lot on different NPR programs and she always sounds so interesting. I've been in school for the last 3 years and now that I've graduated I have a lot more time for pleasure reading.
I have to warn everybody that she's got very strong opinions, and one of them is about problems with purebred dogs. So the breeders on this board might be a bit put off. But she's still fascinating, and I love reading anything she writes.
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