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"Grant": Easy Going Guy.

Grant is a real sweet guy. Easy going, social and quiet Grant will fit into just about anyone's lifestyle. Pretty overweight when we first met Grant he was quickly diagnosed with an under active thyroid when he- Grant is now on medication daily to even out his thyroid (this medication is a very minimal cost) and is losing weight and feeling great! Grant gets along with other dogs, cats and all humans. He's a chow hound and easily motivated by food. Grant is house trained and not destructive when left alone in the house. This is a really great guy - if you think he's the one for you...let B.O.N.E.S. know!
P.O. Box 622 * Stow, MA 01775-0622
Phone: (781) 246-5701
Email: [email protected]

You can see Grant on the NEBHR Available Bassets page at
or at
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