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Granparents visiting with the kids!

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Here are some photos of my Dad & his Fiance this week visiting with the kids!

The kids "helping" my Dad with his socks!

Grandmom & Grandpop giving them their new toys!

Me & My Dad!

Saying Goodbye till next time!
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nice Parents!
nice TV!
nice pool!
nice pictures!
nice Bassets!
That looks like fun! Was this their first visit with the kids?

They've grown up so beautifully :)
Great pics! Your Dad has fun taste in t-shirts. I remember going to Senor Frog's in Playa del Carmen. Drank several yards of margaritas there. (I think!) :blink:

Stickers and Rusty are so photogenic. I love your pool & lanai. I'd love that. May have to move to FL to get one of those. :)
Wonderful pictures. Nothing like being grandparents and spoiling the grand dogs. We have two that we spoil when we visit.
You have beautiful hounds and a beautiful home!
Patti... you, your life, your dogs, your dad, his fiance, and your house are perfect! :)

Thank you for sharing! :D

Beautiful pics! :lol:

You all look great! :p

<span style="color:#009900">The one that drools rules, :p
Steinar - daddy and foodslave to Emma and Doris!</span>
Patti, you look like your Dad. I don't know about the resemblance between Sticker, Rusty and you tho. :lol: :p :lol:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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