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In Flordia there is no shortage of critters.I loved the lizzards,frogs,birds,etc.around our house. So did Grace. She could not help herself if something ran,hopped or squiggled away from her,she had to have it. One time a huge millipede , not a good choice, was found in the pool area. One taste and she never bothered one again. After she would get done patroling the yard she would move into the pool area. She and Bubba would check all the drainage holes,and there were many. Once they came across a 4 inch mud snake,black, with a ring of yellow around the neck,they pestered the thing till I made them go in the house so it could get away. One day I was in the pool at the opposit end of the dogs and I see Grace pick up something and spit it back out, A tiny frog was trying its best to get away from her ,she picked it up again, except this time when she tried to spit it out it must of hopped while inside her mouth then she gagged and made a weird face.She had swallowed the poor little frog. Grace also had a run in with an armadillo. Somehow it got through our fence and into the yard . Fortunately,I saw what she was going nuts about and got her away from it before it could hurt her. But let me just say armadillos are dumb as mud. to be continued


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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