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Got a healthy basset? Seems like there is always something...

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I'd like to see a post of some of the Healthy bassets out there. I'm beginning to think its quite a hard thing to find in this breed. I am just sorta grumpy and down today, but it seems like there is always the big C or glaucoma, or genetic issues. My own guy gets shots every other week for his legs, and constantly battles skin issues and mange. Even my beagle has a constant ear infection we've spent at least $1,000 on over the past year trying to fix.

I want to hear about a basset who lives a nice long healthy life! Tell me a tale of how healthy your dog is!
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Yes, I am also in need of hearing a healthy basset*dog* tale! :D
Well I think we do need this happier and healthier thread. I didn't check this sight for a while because all I did was cry, yea I know I'm a baby, then came on today and cried.
I'm sure all of us on here, at some point, have cried about a basset, if not their own basset. But even if we have all had our own issues with our dogs, they are a blessing no matter what happens and I can surely speak for myself when I say that I am blessed to have Hank no matter what has happened to him because he makes me happy and I know I can make him happy.

I'm glad yours is doing better! And it's good to see a post from you on here. Keep posting, stay positive! your pups can sense your mood and that stimulates their mood, too. :)
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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