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Got a healthy basset? Seems like there is always something...

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I'd like to see a post of some of the Healthy bassets out there. I'm beginning to think its quite a hard thing to find in this breed. I am just sorta grumpy and down today, but it seems like there is always the big C or glaucoma, or genetic issues. My own guy gets shots every other week for his legs, and constantly battles skin issues and mange. Even my beagle has a constant ear infection we've spent at least $1,000 on over the past year trying to fix.

I want to hear about a basset who lives a nice long healthy life! Tell me a tale of how healthy your dog is!
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Mine are not very old but do not have any problems:)

Rupert is the oldest at 6 and a half and apart from some Colitis when he was young has not seen the Vet for at least 4 years other than routine jabs.

Dudley and Patience have never been to the Vet for anything other than their booster jabs.
They are 4 and 3 and a half:D
How often do you have Dudley and Patience 'boosted'?

After doing a lot of intensive research, read several books, contacted a couple of Americans who have been researching immunisations in dogs, spoken to Basset breeder friends, a local groomer/breeder/shower of Retrievers and Spaniels, and others, I feel that boosters on top of boosters just wreck our dogs' immune systems and possibly/probably cause so many allergies, ear problems, skin problems and worse....

What do others think? (Having only just seen this topic, I have not read other replies and have to go out this minute, so will read them later)!
All mine are done every year as they go in Kennels and it is a requirement:)
Every year??? :eek: There's no way that I would have my Bassets done year after year and weakening their immune systems! Even my vet, when questioned, after I had thoroughly researched the subject, has admitted to me that most vaccines have a 7-year to life immunity, so to have your Bassets done every year must surely be totally uneccessary and your kennel could well be in cahoots with your vet!

Here are just two of the many articles about this very subject! Also, have a read of Catherine O'Driscoll's book 'What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines'.

I think you will find that all boarding kennels insist on yearly vaccines,and nowadays a lot of the Insurance companies do as well or else your policy is invalidated:rolleyes:
I only vaccinate because I HAVE TO.
We like to go on holiday and the dogs have to go in kennels.
With Rupert's temperament issues I would not leave him with anyone else so there is little choice in the matter.
If we stop going away we will think again but at the moment it is a requirement so we are stuck with it.
But I do not regularly give them flea stuff unless |actually see fleas
1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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