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Anyone have a (good quality) picture of your dog looking goofy? (more so than usual, that is) :D

It's to go with this poem:

If you are the type
who is strong and bold
you must own a shepherd
for they are brave I am told

Or perhaps you are soft
and like to be frilly
so you own a Poodle
and groom her so silly

Maybe you're quiet
timid as a mouse,
then a nervous Chihuahua
must live in your house

or is it you are smart
say, as a whip?
then a Golden Lab must
be joined at your hip

You may be a giant
and height you did gain,
then your dog is mighty
perhaps a Great Dane

out-spoken and flashy
and wear polka dots?
a Dalmatian is for you
with his many spots

But if you are wandering, and lost
with no direction in your life...
you must be owned by a basset hound
and are doomed to unending strife!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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