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( December 31,2002 Bubba's last day) :( At 11am I got dressed,you knew something. You were hopping around but not the way you use to. You were happy to get to go for a ride in the car.You were even happy to be at the Animal Hospital.We had to wait a little while at the vets,and there was this young couple coming out of one of the rooms with a Greater Swiss Mountain puppy in their arms,as always, you wanted to see the puppy. You sat at their feet looking up but they didn't put the puppy down. I'm sure they just thought you were a fat, over fed, basset hound, they had no Idea why we were there. They left and we were led into an exam room,your tail wagging,as usual, and you lay down on the floor. You were exhausted by now. Still,when Dr. Purcell came into the room you were still wagging your tail. You rested your head in my hands.I thought you might get a little nuts because she had to shave your leg(the sound was like the dremel and you hated that),but your head stayed in my hands,then, THEN, I knew you were ready for this. She inserted the needle and in a matter of seconds your head got very heavy. I knew you were gone. I spent some time with you,crying. "Goodnight Sweet Prince," I said as I kissed you and walked to the door. I looked back twice,wishing the last seven months was just a dream. Your body lie there,but there was no spark of my Bubby Boy left. No more big brown eyes watching my every move. No more"WOOFS", saying ,"Come spend time with me." I have never loved a dog this much. (Photo Bubba sleeping )


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