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Good News For Spencer

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You may remember that Spencer recently gave me a scare - the vet suspected Lymphoma first & then Cushings (due to a very abnormal blood test result). When all tests came back negative & Spencer's behavior & eating returned to normal, the vet admitted she was at a loss for what was going on. She suggested waiting a month & re-doing the blood tests, which we did this past week. The results came back & in the vets words "could not be more perfect." I am thrilled, but still puzzled about what went on. But, he seems ok. The only problem he was still having was he occasionally leaked urine at night. He is now taking Cystolomine, which seems to have cured that problem.

Now we are just waiting for some nice weather. It is still pretty cold in Cincy. I was looking at some pics from last summer & found this one of Spencer sitting in our backyard. I like it because Spencer just looks so happy in it.

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I remember and am glad that he is OK
SO glad Spencer is healthy and happy! I swear that dog looks like he's smiling :D I LOVE Spencer :D :D
Glad to hear Spencer is doing well! He is really sweet looking, always looks like he is smiling in his pictures!
I'm so happy to hear that! I always love seeing photos of sweet Spencer, The Smiling Bassrt!
That's great news! Willy houndie for giving you such a scare. Hope the weather warms up so he can enjoy being outside like he is in the pic.
Spencer ALWAYS looks happy! He is the sweetest looking basset I've ever seen. I'm glad his tests came back perfect.
I am so glad things are normal. Spencer DOES always look happy. I would have to vote him best smile on the site!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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