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Good doggie contests?

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Hiya pals.

Anyone know of good doggie games to play? my bday par-tee is coming up in a few weeks and we're looking for 2-3 contests to hold.

there will prob be around a dozen or so dogs there, of all different sizes and breeds. i was recently at the basset games and participated in sleeping, drooling, and howling contests, but have been told those are pretty specific to basset hounds. yeow! so... am looking for games that other dogs would have a chance at (hee hee...!)
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I don't mind getting up early to let Boomer out. I get his breakfast ready, then we go back to bed and sleep in. We are lazy that way.
. Most basset however are well vs at picking stuff up and eating it on the run so a few hotdogs on the ground ain't going to slow them down and might spped them up as they race to the next one.
Hahaha! I can so see Fergus doing that. Thanks for the thread Worm. My husband's nursery is having a dog day celebration and are looking for fun ideas. I'll post info when I know what day. I think you live far away from us, though. I hope your party turns out great!

One more idea for you, in case you need any others. We played this at puppy class. It's like musical chairs, but it's all about the dogs. Everyone walks around until the music stops and every dog must sit. The last dog sitting is out and so on until it's just one left and they get a prize. :)
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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