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Good doggie contests?

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Hiya pals.

Anyone know of good doggie games to play? my bday par-tee is coming up in a few weeks and we're looking for 2-3 contests to hold.

there will prob be around a dozen or so dogs there, of all different sizes and breeds. i was recently at the basset games and participated in sleeping, drooling, and howling contests, but have been told those are pretty specific to basset hounds. yeow! so... am looking for games that other dogs would have a chance at (hee hee...!)
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Soundtrack-- so how does that look exactly? i'm assuming the dogs eat the hot dogs
not necessarly based on the training of the dog etc. I temember a fun agility game at the end of a trial back in the day when trials were small enough and venues were more open to non-saction events that consisted of a standard pairs course. In pairs two dog and handlers run a single course split in half on dog runs the first half and the other runs the second. the handler when there is a exchange between which dog is running the course exchange a baton like a normal running relay as well. The difference in this game is the baton was a hilshire farms smoked sausage. Up until the point tough I i rand the course most of the handlers were concerend with the distraction the sausage could cause dogs try to get rthe suasage instead of run the course etc which did not happen.. . But I got to show then with Tough that having a suage on course could be nenefitial as well/ At that time toughy learned that he could get the audience to cheer for him if he struggled up the a-frame and hung up on top of it taken in the adulation and the senery. but when the susage was laid in front of his nose he went up and over the aframe like a pro.. Let us say the click off other Ideas for other handlers on how to use the suasage for motivation.

Anouther time running agility ring steward or spectator left a bowl of chill just out side the ring unattend. All food is supoose to be ten feet from the ring but stuff happen. THe course design required that Mariah Run by the bowl twice The first time was no problem but the second time she relized it was there and made a meal of it. So yes the may be some dog so trained more so for the one that don't particular care for hog dogs/ susages that will not even notice them when performing a recall wich the race requires. Most basset however are well vs at picking stuff up and eating it on the run so a few hotdogs on the ground ain't going to slow them down and might spped them up as they race to the next one.
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As part of the Agility Mariah would have liked to see a high jump contest based on the the hight the dog cleared verse the hight of the chest of the dog when standing to the ground. This is the true measure of how high the dog must actual jump. She things she could be the bigger dogs under this parameter.
The one contest not mentioned and most bassets enjoy is the garbage hound contest.

that is dogs are given different foods to eat any dog refuse to eat within a 30 sec to a minute is eliminated. I think Mace would do well in this contest only three things have been discovered she will not eat. mushrooms, mustard greens and atomic fire balls. but she does like hot cherry peppers go figure.
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