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Good doggie contests?

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Hiya pals.

Anyone know of good doggie games to play? my bday par-tee is coming up in a few weeks and we're looking for 2-3 contests to hold.

there will prob be around a dozen or so dogs there, of all different sizes and breeds. i was recently at the basset games and participated in sleeping, drooling, and howling contests, but have been told those are pretty specific to basset hounds. yeow! so... am looking for games that other dogs would have a chance at (hee hee...!)
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i likes **

poor Annie :( i feel bad for ya and hope ya stop cryin' soon....
ya need to find a soundproof room somewhere, methinks...
hmmm, you are in S. Cal... how about a recording studio...????
--your pal, Worm
Thanks for all the ideas!

PB-- i tried to convince my person to do marathon sleeping, drooling, and howling contests, but she said i should be a good host and not only do the contests i could win at but that being said, i LIKE the idea of a limbo contest!

Soundtrack-- so how does that look exactly? i'm assuming the dogs eat the hot dogs in the middle and may or may not go to their owners...?? sounds interesting, tho.
Thanks for all the suggestions, Basset Pals.
I am getting so excited! just want to update you as to all the games we will be playing. Junior Olympics is for the younger dogs like myself. Senior Olympics is for the older dogs and/or for their older owners...
it's coming up in less than 2 weeks!

Relay race (person + dog running in teams)
Running contest (fastest time)
Retrieving contest (fastest time)
Frisbee contest or Sniffing contest or Limbo
Egg in spoon contest
Agility Obstacle Course contest

Sitting contest
Laying contest
Fetching contest

Scavenger hunt
Musical Chairs

Howling contest
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As part of the Agility Mariah would have liked to see a high jump contest based on the the hight the dog cleared verse the hight of the chest of the dog when standing to the ground. This is the true measure of how high the dog must actual jump. She things she could be the bigger dogs under this parameter.
YEAH, I agree, Mikey!!

ps. Kirska, thx for the suggestions, and we decided to add Tallest Dog, Shortest Dog, and Longest Tail for the "Senior Olympics," for the older dogs and/or people who can't do the more involved games...
That sounds like a ton of fun Worm!!! I wish we could be there to help you celebrate! Maybe Doppler and Virga would finally learn to howl! And Virga might even give the birthday boy a kiss or two. Doppler would give you a high-five man! Cuz boys don't give kisses to other boys. Yuck! Growls of displeasure from these two that they can't help you celebrate. But they're going to grandma and grandpa's house for a whole week while I go on family vacation in Florida. Dogs aren't allowed unfortunately. So they'll have some fun of their own! Please take pictures so those of us who can't be there can see all the fun.
k-- thanks!! Doppler and Virga, how was ur trip to Gramma's and Grampa's?? did u see any cool snakes, like Boomah here?

i wish u could come to my birthday partee, too. Doppler, i wanna see u in person 'cause u r sooo tall. and Virga, u r a riot!! kisses, i couldn't turn that down, ya know!

i'll definitely post some pics after...!
Well, ya see, she let me stay up late last nite on the computah because i told her i needed to 'catch up' w/my basset buddies here. we been soooo busy for a week now and the past weekend gettin' ready for the parteeee. so i wasn't able to use the computah as much as i like.

this mornin' tho, i got her. woke up at 7am sharp. and kept trying to tell her to get up but she wouldn't. then finally at 9am she did, and then i fell asleep like a log when she said 'wake up time.' i confused her.

but ya, i'm widya Paisley. sleeping in is good.

Mikey T- melikes the garbage contest. but my person says she doesn't want to be responsible for me or the other bassets getting a wicked stomachache after :eek:
p.s. did u see 'bridesmaids' and the food poisoning part????
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