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Glaucoma in Young Pup

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Hello! I am new to this forum board. Please excuse me if I post something in the wrong topic.

So my pup, Hank, is nearing 13 weeks old, I purchased him at nearly 7 weeks... ( I know, very young to purchase him. I bought him from a man off Craiglist who lives in the same town as me..)

4 days after living at the house with me, his left I was covered by a white film so I took him to the vet the next day and he thought it was just some sort of irritation.. about a week after, his right began looking the same as the left. after a few visits with different vets and after a lot of different medications, we were finally referred to an opthamologist.. He determined it is primary glaucoma. Other than his eyes, he is a completely happy and healthy pup with tons of energy!
Both eyes are bupthalmic and the Doctor told us his Haab/s striae are scattered in his corneas and both his eyes are cloudy. There's a lot of information, really.. I let the man who bought him from know what has been going on and that he should tell the other buyers about my pup, just incase something may happen to their precious bassets.. I don't know if he has or not, but we have been able to keep some what in contact.
Anyways, the doctor has perscribed poor Hank with Glycerin and he's taking two different eye drops currently. I've ran out of his other medications..

I've looked through other threads and haven't seen very much about pups with glaucoma, but I was really wondering, has anyone else experienced their pups developing glaucoma at such a young age?

If so, can you share your experience with it? How did you cope?
How has anyone with a young or old basset learned to cope with their baby(s) having glaucoma?
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I've dealt briefly with blind dogs in the past and they do very well once they have a few weeks of learning where everything is. This site seems helpful:
Blind Dog Tips
That is so pathetic,poor boy.I can tell you guys what I would like to do to someone who breeds puppies like this.Thank God you saved him.
You and me both.

Stating the obvious I know but this is proof of why you should do your research and either spend the time and money to buy from a reputable breeder or adopt a rescue.
If I didn't get him, who would have? Who knows what they would have done to him. Maybe in the future he will have a little sister or brother to help him along.
I think we are all thankful he ended up in the hands of someone that cared about him and gave him the proper attention he needed. You are right; most people would not give him the chance you have. Many would have him put down and I admire you for letting him live a happy life since he deserves nothing less.

But, it's important to remember that every time someone buys a puppy from somewhere less than reputable whether it be a bad breeder, a puppy store, or a mill, even if it's out of pity, they are adding profit to those bad breeders enabling them to create more puppies to either suffer in bad health or be killed in a shelter.

The best way to stop the cycle of creation of the puppies is to stop buying them and stop the demand. They treat it like a business, and thus you have to shut it down like you would any other business, i.e. stop buying, whether that be by consumer choice or government intervention.
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