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Gibbs did it again

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Gibbs hurt his back again. (Last time was Christmas Eve) He was runinng around the back yard with Lily, did his signature 360 and then suddenly stopped playing. This morning he yiped when my hubby pet him and was shaking like crazy. Off to the Emergency Vet we went (our vet is closed and the Emergency Vet is who took care of him last time he had back trouble). This time they took an x-ray and determined that Gibbs has arthritis and narrowing of 1 or 2 of his discs right below his shoulder region. They gave him a shot of Butorphanol and prescribed Prednisone (which he was on last time) and Tramadol. They suggested the usual restriction of activity for 6-8 weeks and told us to follow up with our regular vet to get him put on Rimadyl (which I've heard of people on here whom have had to get their Bassets on it). Guess it's official he's an old man. :(

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Oh, I'm so sorry about Gibbs. I hope the meds will quickly relieve his pain.

We are just getting Bogie over his neck/back disc problem so I know what you are going through. Bogie is still on meds, doing great for now, and we go back to the vet on 03/02. I'm so scared when he get the OK for normal activity, we'll be right back with problems again. He does the Basset 500 with gusto and does 360s as well. So far we have been able to discourage this, but it's getting harder every day since he is starting to feel great.

Bogie will be 5 on 04/21, and the vet said he was young to be starting this. How old is Gibbs?
Get well, Gibbs!!!
Gibbs is doing well today, but he's on meds until...?? He is 8ish (a rescue so not positive). The Emergency Vet said that Gibbs will most likely have to start medcine for Arthritis...just want to get over this hump for now and then follow up with my vet for an opinion. I know a lot of people have had to deal with this with their houndies. As I sit here typing this he just pawed at the bed to try to jump up there, but I had to stop him. He's already trying to get into trouble...this is going to be a long 2 months of keeping him off stuff...but I know it has to be done for his own good. My mom is actually on her way over with a ramp for us to use to get in/out of the car/bed with. Then my hubby and his cousin are going to build ramps to go over our steps in/out of the house, but how to you tell a dog to go up a ramp instead of the steps...not sure, but we'll work on it.

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