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Getting in/out of cars (or not)

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Curious to see if any others have this issue:

Worm seemingly does not like to get in and out of cars. or does not do so very efficiently.

I open the door and he just sits on the ground, looking around. but boy, when i throw a treat into the passenger seat, he sure can get up there quickly!

Similarly, when we get home, he just stays sitting in the passenger seat. (he does have a comfy pad there) but really! yesterday i had to work and after a long day, got him from daycare where he was very tired from playing a lot, when we got home, he just sat in the car and wouldn't get out. Took 5 minutes of waiting for him/coaxing and finally physically moving him. he's essentially flat-basseting in the car! does this every time we get home.

perhaps that's it, as he is eager to get out of the car when i drive to the store, etc. just not when we get home. he likes car rides and car adventures. which is also why it is surprising he doesn't like to get into cars when we are leaving.

I do find myself treating him to get in and out, but it surely is a bribe (ie. he is following the treat..)

Super silly Worm! never had a dog that didn't get in and out of cars quickly, eager for the next thing... instead, it's like... i think i'll have a nap....

would love to hear how your bassets handle cars.
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Harley goes in and out of any car easily and happily. He's surprisingly agile for 11 years old.

I don't think Anabelle could climb into a Barbie car. She has to get lifted in and out. If my husband isn't around I have to pick up her front end and put it in, then her back end. He just picks her up like a baby and puts her in.
i dont mind getting in and out.
i usually barf in the car tho.
Carlos literally bolts into the car whenever he sees the door is open. It's either he's worried I'm gonna leave him alone in the house or he just loves the drive.
And he never wants to get out of the car. Ever.
Woody Loves to go bye-bye....runs to the car but I drive a Jeep Wrangler and have to lift him up and down....He does hate his car seat harness....barks like a banshee with it just stopped raining and is finallly warm enough to take the top off...can't wait to see his ears and lips in the breeze...:p. He does get himself into daddys Honda Civic but waits to be asked since daddy isn't usually who let's him go bye-bye.
Charlotte loves getting in the car, I open the door and she can hardly wait to hop up there on the bench seat. She always is excited and eager to get in but she looks miserable during the drive sitting with her head hung down low like she might get car sick (she hasn't so far).
Keep in mind the problem of gettining in and out is highly variable much different set of problem for the dog getting in an out of the Miata vs the f350 super duty.

Worm seemingly does not like to get in and out of cars. or does not do so very efficiently.

I open the door and he just sits on the ground, looking around. but boy, when i throw a treat into the passenger seat, he sure can get up there quickly!
ok there are a bunch of issue that come to gether when it comes to basset in and out of cars

1. when helping the dog up by lifting the but the dog expects that is what is suppose to happen and while wait to be lifted.
Secondly when us humans do so we general do so so the dog goes from door sill to seat. that fine except when you want to train the baset to go in on its own. It has learned to park it sell in front of the seat. that is a lot farther from the ground than getting in the foot well first then up on te seat. so that is one of the step you need to take into consideration in training.

2. when the average basset jump on the seat from the ground it does not do so without a running start. This is because bassets atleas most of them don't know how to use their rear end to jump. the jump trying to use momenteum and froce from the front end which is ok for long/broad jump not good for a high jump.

Often this is the reason a dog can jump in following a thrown cookie but not when it sarts of right next to the open door. form a stand stillthe dog can not make the seat which it can with a running start and a bit of scrabbling.

so you bassical have two options on jump training to teach the dog to use its rear of sequential entrence going from from ground to foot well to seat and desending the same way. If the dog get on the seat from the ground it tend to thing that the way to exit often in a controled head first crash. When you teach the dog to use the foot well the tend to use it getting out as well MHO the safer way to go all areound.

3. this skill is rare taught take the time to teach the dog going in and out of the car not just when opun required exit but turn and repeat multiple times.
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I have to pick Gandy up to get him in the car. He gets so car sick that he hates the car.
Annie loves getting in and out of the car (with help) but hates the driving part. Or at least I think she does. She can't get comfortable and whines the entire time.
I might suggest getting a plank of wood or something. A 2x12 that is about three feet long ought to do for a walkway that they can get up. It will also save some wear and tear on your dog's back (and yours). It could also be easily stored in the trunk and not take up too much space. All our dogs learned the command 'Load up' at some point - that's where I have to hoist their fat bottoms up into the SUV.
Woofus also does flat basset in and out. Snoopy goes right in. We got them a ramp to save their front legs from damage, much easier. And a little bribe always helps ;)
PS Hi Wormie Worm
Doppler will willingly jump in and out of our Ford Explorer. My husband tries to help him down but Doppler is impatient I guess. Poor little Virga sees Doppler effortlessly jump in and tries it but little ol' her can't make the leap. So we lift her in and out. Luckily she's only about 40 pounds so she's still relatively easy to lift in. She'll put her front paws up and we just have to lift her butt up.
Yep, ramp here too. If I was to wait for him to get in or out himself we would never get out.
You can use dramamine to counter car sickness, just have to ask the vet about the right amount. We used to have to give it to Harley when he was younger.
Hi guys, guess what? I have a new car to get in and out of! Momma and daddy brought home a minivan tonight, they traded in their car. Momma said she wanted more room and to sit up a little higher. Plus she said the old car had lots and lots of miles. I dunno what miles are, but I liked our old car even if it had a lot of miles.

I'm not too sure about this new one. Momma took me outside to see it when they brought it home, but I didn't want to get in it at first. Momma finally coaxed me in, but it doesn't look or smell the same, and I jumped right back out. I hope I get used to it; I like going on car rides.
Hey Boomah!
that's so kewl. show us some pics of u driving it soon, will ya?

say, do ya think u can give us a ride around town one day? it would be fun to try out a new car.

but yeah, i'd be supicious like u too. 'specially if it doesn't smell right. ya know, THE NOSE KNOWS.
Norman has a foldable three step ladder that he runs up and down. he seems to enjoy it and I prefer it to lifting the little faker up and down. My pickup is basicly the same as a F-150,
Abbey loves the car get in and out with ease enjoys the car ride. She know at some point we will stop and get out somewhere with new smels and she recognises when we are close to grandma and granpas house are starts going nutty!
I help with barney's backend to get him in the car and he now will climb out. My car is a little toyota yaris hatchback so he can easily get i and out. If we are going in my mom's minivan I lift him it is time for a ramp soon.
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