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Getting Frustrated

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Perhaps I just need to vent, I don't know. :(

Maggie is my first dog, but I know they aren't all this difficult. Maggie herself is a wonderful little dog - but the health problems are unbelievable.

First she kept scratching and got a skin infection on her underside, so she was on antibiotics for two weeks. Then she was spayed and it looked red so she was on antibiotics for a week.

It was probably around then we had her tested and she had worms, so she got rid of those.

Then her feces were super soft, not to mention it was a heck of a time trying to keep her from eating them. I took her to the vet after I had switched foods and there was still runny stool with blood in it. It turns out she had some kind of bug that is super hard to kill. She was on antibiotic pills for two weeks and I tried very hard to clean up after her - and her stools were normal and it was great.

She went off those pills almost two weeks ago... now, runny again. Last night she pooped in her crate, which never happens - I didn't even hear her whining to go out - only noticed this a.m. I guess she ate it in her crate because she then proceeded to throw up A LOT of feces in three different places on my carpets.

I just don't know what to do - I try so hard to keep her happy and healthy and well trained, but I'm getting soooo frustrated!

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"This too shall pass"- I'm sorry you're going through a rough patch right now- try to hang in there.

I would definitely keep the vet posted about her loose stool last night- just a call wouldn't hurt.

Also,I always give a big spoon of Dannon Plain Yogurt with the dogs' food if they're on antibiotics- it helps to keep the good bacteria in their intestines in proper balance while on the medicine-

Best wishes to Maggie, and please let us know how she's doing-
Sorry to hear about the troubles.

As much as I want bassets, I'm not sure I can handle problems like these. They are high maintenance dogs.
Ruby was a sick a lot when she was a baby and sometimes you just have to try new things. Foods, medications, etc.

Sorry to hear about the troubles.

As much as I want bassets, I'm not sure I can handle problems like these. They are high maintenance dogs.[/b]
Vision- yes, they are high maintenance dogs. I have a little speech prepared for people who gush over Murray and tell me they want a basset puppy- it's important for potential basset owners to know what they're getting into.

Murray has just about every basset problem under the sun- food allergies and skin problems, anal gland problems, yeast problems with his ears, and the latest is a problem with his severly deformed right front leg. But I've worked out how to deal with all these things,and have him on a "maintenance schedule".He enjoys the time I spend fussing with his ears and skin- not so much the anal glands! It takes time out of my day, but it's time spent with him, so I don't mind.

With all the problems, Murray is the sweetest, gentlest soul on earth, and I wouldn't trade him for a million dollars.

I'm a basset person for life.
MM, I know what you're saying.

How do you put up with the stool eating? That's what dismays me.
I think alot of bassets do this as puppies but then outgrow it.

Murray did it for awhile when he was young, but my solution was to just not give him the opportunity. I picked up after him immediately, and if we were out walking I steered him away from it.

After a few months he lost interest.
Charlie is six and still adores eating poop. So does Eloise. Without getting too graphic, poop doesn't even hit the ground here. Edith Ann would join in on the buffet, but her muzzle prevents her from eating more than just rocks :blink: !
I'm not sure why God would make such a beautiful creative, and give it such repulsive tendencies. What a shame.
Just wanted to let everyone know we're doing better. I think maggie may have ate something (probably the poo she ate when we weren't looking, I'm usually so diligent) and was just sick yesterday. She slept pretty much all day yesterday and was fine last night and this morning. We went for a nice hour long walk this morning and now she's snoozing on her chair.

I'm not sure why God would make such a beautiful creative, and give it such repulsive tendencies. What a shame.[/b]

Well, they eat poop, roll in dead fish, kill cute fuzzy bunnies, lick their heinies, and have sex in public, among other things, because they are not furry little people. They are dogs.
No but Bassets seem to like to eat poop more than other breeds.
Glad to hear Maggie's feeling better. With puppies it seems it's just one thing after another. Regarding poop eating: Lightning is 8 and still loves poop. Maybe I have a higher disgust tolerance, but I just chalk it up to one of his many quirks. I don't let him kiss me on the face, but other than that I just deal with it. He's healthy as a horse (knock wood), so as long as it doesn't hurt him, it doesn't bother me.
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