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Getting Freckles?

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I think Murphy is starting to get some freckles on his nose and his legs. I thought I was going crazy because he didn't have them before.

So I was just wondering, cause he's still young...does it take a while for freckles to show up? I thought they were born with them, I guess not.

They are very faint, but distinct. I'll have to post pics later.
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Murray's ticking is seasonal- in winter he has black and brown ticking all through his white areas and in summer his white is just white.

My Twinkie, who is a beagle/basset mix, has many more freckles today than she had when I got her from rescue 11 months ago. I think they develop as the hound gets older.

Janet 'n Twink
I noticed that their color changes overtime.

Henrietta used to have brown/white face, but now mostly white.
Winston starts having white marks on his left thigh.

Freckles on nose is really cute, I think. :)
I've noticed that Peanut's "ticking" have become more numerous and dark...she's 6 now. I'll have to see if they "fade" as summer gets here..

*I* have freckles and they usually increase in the spring if that's any help ROFL!!

Sorry I couldn't resist :D

(LOL). :D Tummy has gotten a lot more freckles this past yr. He is 4 yr. Happy to be a slave for Tummy Boy.
I've noticed lately that Daisy Jayne is getting more golden-brown flecks in her coat on her neck and flanks/hips lately, her colors and flecks have seemed to change somewhat constantly her whole life. :D She's 14.5 months old now.
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