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I second with at least starting with the breeder recommendation, they usual know what works best with their line

While there are no offical bloat statistics for basset given their confromation it should be on a par with dobermans and a bit higer than labs. There is not much in the way of food choices that have been shown to increase bloat risk. The biggy is wetting dry food that is perserves with vitamin C which increase bloat risk significantly.

The biggest things to minimize bloat risk are
1.genetics if bloat does not run in the line the risk for you dog will be smaller and of course the opposite will increase the risk

2. size of meals in volume the smaller the size of meal the less risk. Feeding more often had no effect when taking into account different meal size. But ofcourse, feeding smaller meals moreoften reduces risk, as does feed more nutritional dense feed general the more expensive brands that the recommend feed volume is less.

3. The speed the dog eats faster eater are more prone to bloat. There a bowl designed to slow down fast eater allong with adding supplement like canned pumpkin which is stick can slow down inhalers of dog food.

4. age the older the dog the more likely they are to bloat.

Common things often recommend to reduce bloat have not been shown to actual work when investigated using satistical analysis. Moisten Dry dog food, note moistening dry food preserved with vitamin C actual ingreased bloat risk significantly.
Not exercising befor or after meal, limiting water intake after meal.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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