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georgie bit

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I have a 6 1/2 yr old Bassett that I took to the vet's recently for grooming. He has gone there before occasionally. I got a call he had bit one of the helpers there. He has never bitten a person in the 6 1/2 yr I have had him. What do I with Georgie because he did this? Thanks
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Nothing after the fact. I would try to find out what the circumstances were when he bit them? What were they doing? How many people were dealing with him at the time? Was a new person attending to him? Did they nip a nail or was he in any other way hurt or scared? Huckleberry hates going to the vet and, other than this last time, has needed to be muzzled as he will bite. But he is terrified and that's the reason for his aggression. If it were me, at least the next few times he needs to go then I'd be there with him if at all possible. Information is key. Who, what, when, where, why....good luck.
Also get a soft muzzle for the next vet visit but practice puting it on and off giving him treats and such so the muzzle is not associated as a bad thing.
Whenever Opus is getting anything done at the vets here, they pop a soft muzzle over his mouth-even though he's never even so much as growled at them. Prevention being better than cure.
For the future that would probably be best. They may have been a bit rough handling him, or he was afraid. Just keep an eye on his behaviour and maybe in future-as Lynne said- remain with him when he is getting anything done-not always possible I understand.
Good luck.
Arlene and Opus.
Two years ago we had a new vet tech who didn't know that when told to, Murray will quietly lie down on his side and and remain perfectly still while his nails are being clipped. She came up to him and shoved one of his front legs out from under him so that he fell heavily to the ground- he was surprised at the rough treatment and I was angry. After that incident I requested nicely to help handel Murray during nail clipping and anal gland expressions. Our vet didn't have a problem with that, so I'm always there now.I know different places have different policies, but if you ask, maybe they'll let you do the same.
Thanks very much for all your advice. I will look into the muzzle and ask to be with him, especially for the nail clipping. I appreciate the feed back. Georgie's mom
When vets and vet techs are bitten it's usually their own fault. We had one miserable jerk (a tech)who handled Francis quite roughly when he was a puppy, she actually stated that she "wasn't crazy about hounds"! Well, unfortunately every vet tech has paid the price to this day, he hates and distrusts them and now he has to be softly muzzled even for his regular check-ups. And, fortunately, that wretched tech was let go within a week of our visit. ;)
I love the vet techs at my vet's office now, they're gentle and caring but all it took was one nasty one to wreck his vet visits forever.
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