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Gators, Gators, Gators!

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Our lake is being cleaned up in our subdivision. All the invasive plants, etc that the EPA approved are being removed. This has made the gators down right MAD! They are all over the place. I'm sure some of their nests were disturbed causing them to come closer than normal. We took these photos today during our afternoon walk.

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Sure am glad that you and your husband and the Hounds are in no danger.................
AHH....that is such a scary sight! We have friends in FL and one time when we visited them we came home from lunch and were going to go out on their patio and chill and here were two gators laying there. It scared me half to death and decided they came come visit us from now on!

Do they ever get close to your home?

The gators are in the lake which is no where near our house. We have the lake in the middle of our subdivision with the houses a good distance away. They have been seen crossing the street but to get to my house they would have to cross the street and walk up hill 2 houses. ;)
We saw several gators on our last trip to Disney. I guess, if there's water, there's gators! Very cool creatures -- from a safe distance.......
:lol: Good lord and I moan about th neighbours cats coming into my garden ;)
Gators are so interesting...I actually went to a gator farm in Florida (In...St. Augustine)...more like a zoo, but with only gator exibits. would totally freak me out being that close to them in the wild. What do the houndies think?

We don't walk the hounds if gators are spotted. They are cleaning up the lake in our subdivision and have pissed the gators off :eek: They are coming up onto the grass and hanging at the waters edge. We walk on the opposite side of the lake. Most residents and their pets are use to seeing them and are cautious.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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