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Garlic For Dogs?

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Is it okay for dogs to eat garlic? What I've been reading seems to be conflicting, some say adding garlic to the dog's meals helps to repel fleas, some quality dog food also contains garlic in the ingredients, while other stuff I've been reading says garlic is toxic for dogs. So which is it?

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I found this info on the internet bot forgot to copy the site:
Onion and garlic poisoning: Onions and garlic are other dangerous food ingredients that cause sickness in dogs, cats and also livestock. Onions and garlic contain the toxic ingredient thiosulphate. Onions are more of a danger.
While garlic also contains the toxic ingredient thiosulphate, it seems that garlic is less toxic and large amounts would need to be eaten to cause illness.
This was copied from:

Onion and Garlic toxicity in dogs and cats

Question: Dr. Richard's,
Thank you for your help with past questions and creating this web site.
I have a question about onions and dogs. I read somewhere onions are
poisonous for dogs yet onions are often ingredients in dog treats. Is it just
raw onions that are so dangerous? What about meat that has been cooked with
onions is this dangerous?
What are some things that are toxic for dogs besides chocolate and onions?
Also I own several cats are there foods toxic to them as well?


Answer: Kim-

Dogs develop hemolytic anemia if they eat enough onions. I don't think that it matters too much
whether the onions are cooked or not. The quantity of onions required is high enough that dogs
can generally tolerate small doses of onions without any problem and moderate amounts of
onion without clinically apparent disease, even though there may be measurable changes on lab
test results. Cats are probably a little more sensitive to onion toxicity than dogs are. I can't find
an exact quantity of onions required to cause toxicity problems in dogs, but there are several
case reports of onion toxicity and they involve whole onions or sizable portions of chopped
onions (like a cup or more). I think that feeding dogs meat that has been cooked with onions is
pretty safe but you might want to avoid giving them the broth from around something like
pot-roast if there were a lot of onions used in the cooking, just to be safe.

Large amounts of garlic will produce similar toxicity problems in both dogs and cats. I think that
the amount required is not likely to be eaten by a cat but there are probably a few dogs who
would lap up a container of spilled garlic.

Among common foods, the only other significant toxicity that I can think of are recent reports of
toxicity from eating grapes and raisins that have been reported in dogs.

Mike Richards, DVM
I hope this helps.
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