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That time of year is Quickly approaching, The Sunday after Thanksgiving for the annual Fun Hunt at Paskamanskett Beagle Club
North Dartmouth, MA Starting time is 8:00 ish This is a large pack hunt in an enclosed beagle club facility on hare. All bassets are welcome even hound that have never hunted or see a rabbit in their life. THere are usually two cast of about 15-20 hounds each. Each cast is seed with a couple of bassets that know what they are doing Cost is ~10.00 and first time enterants in the past have recieve a leather field leash.

From 195(east or west) take exit 12a - Faunce Corner Road/Umass Dartmouth exit. At end of the exit bear to the right onto Faunce Corner Road (heading south).

Follow Faunce Corner Rd through several traffic lights, past the North Dartmouth Mall on the right, and straight through the traffic light/ACROSS Route 6 onto Chase Road (Faunce Corner Road ends at Route 6 and Chase road begins at Route 6).

About a half mile or so up Chase Road, Turn RIGHT onto Old Westport Road (I think there is another sign for Umass Dartmouth here).

Continue up Old Westport Road, passing Umass Dartmouth on your left, on up the road until you see Lucy Little Road on your left, across from a working gravel pit. (Maybe about two miles from Chase Road?) Dartmouth Orchard is just past Lucy Little on the same side - if you are passing it you went too far.

Turn LEFT onto Lucy Little Road and continue carefully down the road (it's a narrow winding road) approx a mile give or take a little, until you see Strawberry Lane on your left. The Paskamansett Beagle Club is on the RIGHT side, just beyond Strawberry Lane.

for more info contact Mike Arruda @ [email protected]
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