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Front legs

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Just curious about the bone structure of bassets front legs. Looking at this pic, is Woofus going to have problems later on in life. Just curious, he doesn't seem to have problems. Not sure where he came from as he's a rescue dog. Thanks!!
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What are you concerned about. Feet pointing out, a bit of knuckling?

There are basset with a whole lot worse front ends that never have a problem But keep in mind judging front end structure with the dog in a sitting position is next to impossible. It is better while the dog is standing and even better when they are actual moving to judge the front end.

Also because most dogs do not have a problem does not mean all dog don't So a correct conformation is better.

mariah agility dog extrodinaire

feet litterally 180 degrees facing opposite direction

Will moving while better still do not face straight ahead.

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I'll look at him next time he runs. I was a bit concerned because of his paws facing out. Also his bones seem a bit flat if that makes sense. All in all he's a good runner though.
For some reason I'm unable to see your photo - or the three subsequent photos for that matter. Not sure why.

Some of the information (photos) in this link should help, especially the plate showing correct and incorrect Basset fronts. One of mine is included in these photos - my Canadian-bred UK Champ. (used as my avatar, side on).

This is another link .... specific to the front.
that is because they were photobucket hosting site photos . Photobucket no longer allows for 3rd party access unless you pay

fwiw attached photos

I contacted super moderators to delete spam post which is why this old 2010 thread is resurrected


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