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Free roam vs lock-down

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Years ago I never had a problem with letting my dogs roam the neighborhood. My closest neighbor was half mile away and we might get 10 cars go down our road per day. Now times have changed. Neighborhoods have grown up all around me while my closest neighbor is still an 1/8 of a mile away tha number of cars ripping down the road infront of my house is probably closer to 10 every 5 minutes.

I'd love to let my Bassets run free. But I don't think they'd last a day here now. When we first got "Funk" I let him roam. The problem I found with that was he didn't come back. Caught him about four miles down the road the third or fourth day of his freedom. Since he's been confined to the side yard. I really hate this but otherwise he's gonna end up "road kill" and a "sail dog."

Question #1: Does anyone have a method of keeping a "roamer" home and not have to put them on a leash or behind a fence?

Question #2: How do you house your basset?
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Its been 5 years since we let a dog roam. There wasn't as much build up around here then. "Memphis" got stole that way. Since our other dogs have been in the back yard.
Ring a bell? Very cool.

We had a mutt named "Trigger" (After another WWII USMC double ace, Herb "Trigger" Long, who was a friend.) Probably the smartest self trained dog we ever had. He learned to open the latch on the screen door on his own. Knew all the tricks.........Except staying out of the road.
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