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When we first got Belly, he was about 35 lbs. He was 11months old and had apparently gone through a recent growth spurt of length. He didn't know his size, it seemed. He would constantly try to get onto things that were much too small for him. Any footstool, small table, etc.

My petsitter had a round swivel chair at her desk that he decided to make his challenge. It was his sole mission when staying with her, to get his entire body onto that chair. She never got a photo but the stories of all four of his paws basically next to each other, with his back curved and humped into the air ...I had such a vision of this trick. I wish I had seen it for myself.

Four years later ...and at 70 lbs ...he no longer tries such things. He's content to try to get his whole body on the little area rugs. He acts like he might fall off if he isn't completely on it.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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