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Francis not exactly helping me keep the mystery alive

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You all know how bassets shed and drool and drag in God knows what and like many of you I've tried to solve the problem by covering every inch of my car and furniture with old sheets. (I call them Franny Rags)
Well the other day as we were leaving to go to the park I ran and grabbed a clean, fresh Franny Rag out of the dryer and since Francis was already halfway in the car I just threw the sheet in next to him and we went to the park.
We enjoyed our usual walk around,then went back to the parking lot and spent a little time socializing with the regulars. His Majesty, as usual, was reluctant to get back into the car so while he was dilly-dallying I decided to re-arrange the sheet. I pulled it out of the car and went to shake it out and out from the folds of fresh, clean percale flew a pair of my underdrawers landing right in the middle of my little social circle. My "nursing school" white cotton drawers.
At least a couple of single guys in the bunch, too.
Thanks, Francis.
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:shock: Well, isn't he a helpful little fellow. :) :)
:lol: Thanks for the Laugh :lol:

Hey think about all the things that could have been more embarassing than your nursing school undies. :shock:
I have a similar story, but I'm not going to tell it here. :oops:

Sandy :D
Bless your heart for giving me a much needed belly laugh on such a dreary Monday. Please forgive me for how I love your misfortunes.

It could have been worse Franny could have snatched them up and made you chase him around to get them back. Really funny story :lol:
That is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just when you least expect it, a Basset puts you in your place.

You Basset was saving this incident for a special occassion.
When Ruby was a puppy, she found the dirty clothes hamper which was overflowing and some of it was on the floor in the closet. So she brought out one of my bras to the livingroom.

We had company at the time.

She dropped it at her daddy's feet.

:lol: :D :oops: :lol:
This thread is cracking me up. I have only had Roxy for three weeks so she hasn't done anything like this yet.

I know, yet!
"My "nursing school" white cotton drawers.
At least a couple of single guys in the bunch, too. "

Normal guy think: "Oh great, she wears Grannie Pantys."
:oops: :oops: :oops:

Sorry, couldn't help it!
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