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Francis, back in action and ready for play!

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Poor old Francis was pretty sick last week from some sort of infection. He was absolutely miserable so we went over to the vet's and (thank God!) all the tests for anything serious came back negative We were sent on our way with a prescription for Flagyl and Prescription Diet's W/D after some IV hydration.
Within 24 hours our boy was a new dog, primed and ready for a good game of tug of war with his current "Baby". I used to chase him for the toy but since he went blind he's become the Tug of War Champ of New England!
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Yikes! I'm glad he's recovering. Poor guy - poor you!
He is absolutely adorable! Glad to hear he is feeling better!
Glad to hear Francis is feeling better! :)
What a cute dude! Wish i had taught my girls to play tug of war--one wants to give me everything, as soon as I put my hand out, the other won't even pick up the toy unless it's got food hidden in it somewhere.
I'm so glad Francis is back in action. It's so scary when they get sick and can't tell you what is bothering them. Loved the picture of the handsome guy!! :)
I love seeing Francis pictures after all these years! I'm glad he's feeling better!
What a handsome boy!
He looks happy in his picture- I am glad he is feeling better-
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