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Francis achieves critical (snow)mass.

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After 50 inches of snow so far this January I think old Fran has given up. All the poopie paths in the world won't take him where he wants to go. He wants to spend his time just boodling along the ground sniffing out new excitements but right now the little guy is severely restricted by the depth of the stuff.
I asked him if he wanted to go outside, normally it gets Fran all worked up but this morning he poked his nose outside, smelled nothing but snow, and just sauntered back onto the warmth and comfort of his couch.
C'mon Spring!!!
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We don't get a lot of snow so when mine see it they tear around in it and eat it. I think the most we ever had was maybe MAYBE two inches at any one time. But for poor Virga that was almost touching her tummy and when she's crouch to pee it would touch. Her tummy was always cold. And her ears.
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