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The best advice I can give about fostering is to be prepared for anything. That means good along with some possible problems.

We've been fostering for about a year now and have had an incredible variety of fosters. One we couldn't part with so she is now a member of our household. The others I let go very reluctantly because each one of them stole a piece of my heart.

I think a lot of patience can be required. YOu often don't know what the background of you foster is, but whatever happened (abandoned, owner relinquish etc) the dog has been abandoned by people he/she probably trusted. If you get into a situation you are unsure of - call the people at your rescue! I'm sure they've dealt with almost anything.

The hardest thing for me is not being too critical of a potential new family. I never really want to let any of them go, but I also HAVE to know they will be loved and well cared for. It's always a very delicate balancing act for me.

It's also the best feeling in the world to KNOW your foster has found the perfect home.

I hope you have a wonderful time doing this!! There is such an overwhelming need for foster homes.
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