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Foster dog limping. Advice

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We got Jethro, a one year old Basset-Lab mix, from PAWS New England, last Friday. He came up from Tenessee. He is a sweet, sweet dog and we may keep him. I am concerned that he has a definite, moderate limp on his front left leg. He doesn't seem bothered by it. Will run and bounce and play. Not tender to touch and no heat that I've noticed. His front paws are definitely splayed over 60 degrees and he does look a little asymmetrical in joint angles on front. I hesitate to bring him to a vet who wouldn't know much about Bassets and ortho issues, especially if it's an old, badly healed injury ( he was listed as stray) or what I've read here as the "pano..." sp? thing which sounds like it resolves on it's own eventually. If we decide to keep him, it will be regardless of this limp, more a family lifestyle decision. He is fabulous. I'd like to do what's best without breaking the bank with vets who may not be able to help. Anyone know good Basset vets in Rhode ISland? Any thoughts? Thanks a bunch.:)
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