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for those in washington state

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I just got off the phone with the behaviorist Yeah!!!! she actually lives very close to me. I am excited about getting started on things with atticus.
but the reason for this post is she reminded me that the basset fun days are June 17th I am so excited i am definatly going this year. also i guess there is a basset get together once a month and this month its going to be at a shorline resturant not sure of the date and will let you know when i know. I would be fun to get to know people around here with bassets.
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Don't forget about the Basset Bash in Woodinville on April 1!
Is there a place where all this information is held? I would really like to go but I have no idea where the info is. Thanks for any help you can provide :)
Here is the old link to the Basset Fun Day -- I'm sure they will update this year's date soon:

Basset Fun Day

Here is a link for the Basset Bash in Woodinville on April 1:

Woodinville Basset Bash

For the Woodinville event, lots of people with Bassets "walk" together in the parade to the "Bash" event where there are contests, food, games, etc. It is a lot of fun.
as far as the basset get together monthly i am not sure but the behaviorist has a big part of these and will be talking to her again in a week or two and will find out more info. aon that and will keep you informed. and basset bash of course the link bcc11 has given you and basset fundays in on June 17th at the kanine accademy of behavior in Bothel from 10-2 and will remind people again when time gets closer. I am excited about getting to see basset people around here. Sandy said there were about 100 people that came to basset fundays last year.
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