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For the people with rescue dogs (and well, everyone else too)

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Do you ever just look at your dog and say, "How did I get so lucky?"

Do you ever think, "Someone was crazy to give this dog up?"

Do you ever feel like you could just explode with the love you have for your dog?

I know I do.

Does your dog ever look up at you and say, "I love you!" with those big glorious eyes?

Does your dog ever just heave a great contented sigh as he drools on your favorite mohair sweater while you snuggle on the couch?

Does he ever wag his tail so hard when you come home that it looks like he could start a tornado?

Mine does.

Sometimes when I think of how long Beau spent in the rescue, I want to cry. They say he's two years old, and in rescue since February. We adopted him in October. He was just a pup, really, when he was left by his first family. I am so, so glad that the people at that Basset Rescue were able to take him, to love him for us until we could get him. We haven't even had him a whole month and already, I couldn't picture life without my beautiful Beau. Now whenever I have a spare $5 I'm going to stash it to send to them, so the rescue can love more dogs for their forever families, until they can find them.

Just wanted to say that since Beau is making me feel all warm and fuzzy tonight. Fuzzy because he's shedding on me, and warm because well, he's better than a heating pad!

Adding this... Washington Basset Rescue page has been updated with Beau's Happy Family picture! This was taken the night we picked him up, and the comments were from an email I sent a couple weeks ago.

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Agreed all the way. I've never loved or felt as loved by an animal before Bowser!
I think that everyday about Ringo!!! He is seriously the best dog ever, we got him in March and I have yet to get frustrated or anything with him.

Before we got Ringo he was sleeping in a truck and had gone through 4 different homes that winter. Thankfully someone FINALLY had the decency to call a basset hound rescue and we got 'lucky' and the rescue had no open foster homes so they sent out an email and the next day we were proud fosters of the sweet boy and a week later we adopted him because we knew we wouldn't be able to see him go!

It is crazy how people think dogs are so dispensable! I would never give up either of my dogs and think it is crazy that people will even consider it.

But I gotta say thanks to the lame people who couldn't/didn't want to keep him because now he is our sweet loving boy :)

Rescue's are a life saver, for us and the dogs! :rolleyes:
I feel the same for Lollypop, although she is not a rescue, but the best part about this thread is how comforting it is to know that other hounds are getting as much love and attention as our dear Rubberbelly (Lollypop).
I agree 100%.

Sometimes when I am walking around at work or elsewhere I get to thinking about some silly thing that she has done and can't help but get a huge smile on my face.

On the other hand, sometimes I get overwhelmingly angry when I think about the people who hurt her (and in general I am a very not-angry person). Sometimes when she gets spooked she hides under me and won't come out. I just don't understand how any human being could hurt such a loving and gentle creature.
Last night I was sitting on the couch and Cannoli climbed into my lap. She thinks she is a tiny lap dog like our 7lb Chihuahua mix LOL. She is so warm and comforting I dont' mind being squished a little. I am sad to think that somebody bought her, probably from a puppy mill, without knowing anything about Bassets, and then just gave her away when she dug up some flowers. But on the other hand, as others have said, if they hadn't then we wouldn't have her. I feel sorry for people who don't love dogs, they are missing out on so much. I am also grateful that we have the means to have the three we do, because I see what it does for my daughter to love and care for them.
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